In Herbert Benson's  address to US  Senate Full Committee Hearing - Principles of Integrative Health: A Path to Health Care Reform he stated that over 60% of visits to primary care physicians were for stress related illness. This full committee hearing made history by focusing attention on the impact of integrative medicine in delivering real outcomes in health and well-being. All our competencies are based on evidence based techniques that have been proven to impact on on these stress related issues. Research in neuroscience shows the impact of stress hormones on various mental processes involved in human performance and mental well being.

Sonia Lupien is one of the world's leaders in studying the impact of stress on memory and aging. All our programmes are designed to introduce competencies for managing the negative impact of stress on our performance, health, and well-being.

Chronic stress not only has a negative impact on performance but also reduces our ability to recover from stressful situations. This explains why the experience of stress is accumulative and tends to be progressive.